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Sebek Visualizer-Current Progress

Since my last update, I've separated the visualizations by IP address, along with adding a few cosmetic additions (lines to the next event in the height different experiment), although there's still a little bit of work to separate that visualization into different IPs.  I've also added camera controls, the basic WSAD at the moment, so that a user can scroll up, down, left, and right, depending on how many host machines there are, as well as how many events there are.  There was also some work on the backend as well, to make the files a little easier to read, as well as adding more commen Read more »

Visualization Experiments

Most of my work in the past few weeks has been focusing on the visualization aspect of the project.  One thing that I am trying to avoid is simply making graphs/charts and that sort of visualization.  Those sorts of things are incredibly useful since anyone can understand them, on the other hand they're trivial to make.  I've been making a few basic visualizations, but the two that, so far, have the most merit are delinating the events based on color (each group of events is a separate color) and the other separates them based on height (each y position is a different event).  I'll admi Read more »

Parser Redux and Libraries

I know I said that I would post a screenshot a week ago, but it's been a little busy, but here's an older attached image. One of the reasons there was a delay is that the code that I was using was based on one of the wxPython demo programs, hence the RunDemo title bar. I'm in the process of revamping that code into something that's a little more standalone. Read more »


The first version of the parser is essentially finished. The main goal for the basic version of the parser is to take Sebek data and create two groups of data: one group is comprised of a data structure that holds an event's information, things like the timestamp, event type, what service the event was connected to, etc. The second group is simply a list of each unique event, basically what types of events happened, what ports were used, services used by the events, things of that nature. Read more »

Introductions: Sebek Visualization Project

Hello all,

As today is the official start of the Google Summer of Code, an introduction both to the project, and for myself seems to be in order. My name is Kevin Galloway, and I'm currently a graduate student, in Computer Science at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Most of my background is more on the security side of things, although, at the start, graphics were one of the main reasons I chose computer science. This project was a way to combine those two passions of mine. Read more »

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