Session 4 - 3 - Spy vs Spy

Presentation Abstract
Lance James Spartan Devil Chapter Present on new findings Spy-Eye, Zeus (Zbot) and other malicious botnets that have been wreaking havoc on the cyber-planet known as the Internet for some time now. As the battle continues to gain some sense of control around this epidemic, the standard proposals only seem to focus on short-term defense mechanisms. While security researchers find a resolve, immediately we are finding updates from the botnet developers and operators to increase their profits while evading our existing defenses. This presentation proposes a controversial yet effective approach in gaining passive intelligence as well as active control of sizeable botnets. Presented will not only be the technical details, but the legal perspective as well. The goal of this talk is to encourage a discussion about a longer term perspective of defense by utilizing carefully crafted offense both legally and digitally to gain an upper hand.

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