Session 4 - 1 - Understanding the Social Behaviors of Cyber Attackers

Presentation Abstract

The problem of cybercrime is increasingly complex and distributed across the world. Computer users face a broad range of threats, from malicious software that damages computer systems to identity theft and phishing. Though technical explorations provide insight into how to defend against these crimes, there is still a great deal that is unknown about the social world of hackers. Thus, this talk will provide an exploration of the motives, practices and relationships of computer hackers around the world using real world examples.

The presentation will examine the disparate communities involved in the creation and distribution of hacker tools and the norms and values of the computer underground globally. In addition, this presentation will explore the social networks, demographic characteristics, and skills of the members of eight groups from the Eastern European and Russian hacker community using open source data, including social networking sites where they detail their personal lives, interests, and activities. The findings give significant insight into the nature of this community, including technical and university training, physical locations, and social relationships between hackers and malware writers. The network ties between skilled and unskilled hackers are explored in depth, along with ways to proactively identify the most skilled hackers using simple blog content. This presentation will benefit computer security professionals, law enforcement, and the intelligence community by identifying the social dynamics that shape the Russian hacker community.

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