Google Summer of Code 2013 Student Application Deadline Friday May 3rd 19:00 UTC

With less that 24 hours now remaining until the official deadline for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2013 student applications (19:00 UTC Friday May 3rd 2013), this is our final call for interested and eligible GSoC students. Read more »

Google Summer of Code 2013 Participating Mentoring Organizations Announced

After a tense few days for all of the organizations who applied, The Honeynet Project is delighted to announce that it has once again been selected as one the participating mentoring organizations in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2013. Read more »

GSoC 2013 Announced

Like many other open source organizations, The Honeynet Project's members have been excitedly waiting to hear if Google would be running their Google Summer of Code (GSoC) initiative again this year. Well, the wait the over and GSoC 2013 has officially been announced on Google's Open Source Blog. This is great news! Read more »

Cuckoo Sandbox 0.5 is out!

Claudio has just released a new version of Cuckoo Sandbox 0.5. The list of new features is very impressive! Check it out at

Donate to the Honeynet Project

In many countries, its the time of the year you can make tax deductible donations to support your favorite charity and non-profit organization. Id like to ask you to consider donating to the Honeynet Project this year. The Honeynet Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization (EIN: 36-4460128) that - over the past decade - learned the tools, tactics and motives involved in computer and network attacks, and shared the lessons learned with the public. Along the way, we have authored and published many open-source tools to capture & analyze attacks. If you would like to support the cause, please donate.

Happy Holidays to all of you.

Christian Seifert
CEO, The Honeynet Project

ENISA publishes report on honeypots

ENISA (The European Network and Information Security Agency) under the leadership of CERT Polska has published report on honeypots. Its a hands-on guide on the various honeypot technologies out there looking at various operational aspects, such as extensibility, reliability, ease of deployment, etc. If you are considering running a honeypot, this is a must read! Check it out at Great job, ENISA!

Press Release: 2013 Honeynet Project Workshop

Contact: Christian Seifert
Phone: +1-206-2651944

1425 Broadway #438
Seattle, WA, 98122

9 A.M. GST, November 26th, 2012

DUBAI, 26 NOV 2012: This three-day event features an exceptional collection of international security professionals presenting the latest research tools and findings in malware analysis. The twelfth annual workshop will be held at The Address Dubai Mall Hotel on the 10th through 12th of February, 2013, with sponsorship and support from the UAE Honeynet Project chapter, United Arab Emirates Computer Emergency Response Team (aeCERT), and the Pakistan Honeynet Project chapter. The workshop includes one full day of briefings and two full days of hands-on tutorial trainings. Founded in 1999, The Honeynet Project is a non-profit international research organization dedicated to improving the security of the Internet at no cost to the public.

“Cyber security is a critical element for any nation working towards technical advancement,” said H.E. Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, Director General of TRA. “I am pleased the TRA and aeCERT are participating in this event; hands-on and knowledge-intensive workshops such as this are invaluable as we work towards reinforcing the nation’s cyber security.”

“Cyber security is not a ‘one-man’ job, it is dependent on the proactive collaboration of groups spanning government, industry and academia,” said Ahmad Alajail, Security Intelligence & Threat Analyst. “ This is why initiatives such as Honeynet, which provide a diverse talent base, are greatly complementary to the nation’s cyber security and to our work at aeCERT.”

The Honeynet Project is composed of 45 regional chapters and is a diverse, talented, and engaged group of hundreds of volunteer security experts who conduct open, cross disciplinary research and development into the evolving threat landscape. Registration and more information available at: or by contacting The Honeynet Project CEO Christian Seifert to request a personal interview at: [email protected].

Know Your Enemy: Social Dynamics of Hacking

I am very pleased to announce the publication of another paper in our Know Your Enemy white paper series: "KYE - Social Dynamics of Hacking" authored by Thomas J. Holt and Max Kilger from our Spartan Devils Honeynet Project Chapter. In this paper, Tom and Max go to the roots of the Know Your Enemy series and shine light on the social groups that are involved in hacking.

Though most information security research focuses on current threats, tools, and techniques to defeat attacks, it is vital to recognize and understand the humans behind attacks. Individual attackers have various skills, motives, and social relationships that shape their actions and the resources they target. In this paper we will explore the distribution of skill in the global hacker community, the influence of on and off-line social relationships, motivations across attackers, and the near-future of threats to improve our understanding of the hacker and attacker community.
Read more »

GSoC 2012 Accepted Students Officially Announced

Since my last post about the Google Summer Of Code 2012 Student Applications deadline closing and sharing some initial student applications statistics, all the GSoC 2012 mentoring organisations have been hard at work reviewing and scoring their student applications. Read more »

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