HoneyWeb, a web interface to manage client honeypots

Hi folks !

As the GSoC started, this blog entry will introduce to you, myself and my project.

My name is Thibaut, I am still a student like all GSoC participants I guess and I belong to the ENSI of Bourges (France). I took one year off for doing research at the university of Maryland (USA) in the IT security field, especially in honeypots.

About my GSoC project, here is a short description of it:

Honeyweb allows everyone who possess one or several honeypot clients to manage them via a friendly-user web interface.
I am in charge of developping this java-based web application that we can divide in three parts:

  • The front-end, providing a user-friendly, standardized interface for a large kind of client honeypots.
  • A business layer, communicating with a java wrapper (already developped by David Stirling for Capture).
  • A back-end, providing the data persistence to collect, store and aggregate client honeypots results.

Here is a first screenshot of HoneyWeb:


HoneyWeb Screenshot
click here to enlarge