HeX LiveCD to be 2.0-RC2 soon.

As effort of the Honeynet Project Malaysian chapter and the RawPacket team initiative, HeX LiveCD was created. It is a Network Security Monitoring (NSM) centric Live CD, built based on the principles of NSM, for analysts, by analysts. This project will be eventually forked to Hex Sensor and Hex Server to complete the cycle of NSM processes. Besides, HeX LiveCD is the blueprint for HornyD. HornyD and HoneySuckle are the toolkits for the Malaysia Distributed Honeynet Project.

HeX LiveCD contains most of the popular Open Source NSM and network forensics tools. The LiveCD also includes the NSM-Console framework which acts as aggregated protocols analyst for performing packet analysis on capture files. NSM-Console framework was developed and actively maintained by Matthew Lee Hinman, a member and developer of the RawPacket team. For lists of features and releases, visit the Trac or the Rawpacket website. Hex mailing list is available at the Google groups page Currently HeX LiveCD 2.0-RC1 has been released for public review. There are still broken apps in the release. More information can be found at this page. With lots of app being fixed, Hex LiveCD 2.0-RC2 will out soon.