Kenya Chapter - Status Report For 2013

This was our inauguration year and first year of operations. The biggest milestone was bringing the team together and setting off on the research projects.

We managed to get a representation at the Annual Workshop held in Dubai in February 2013 and that gave us good contact with existing members of the Global organization. One fruitful area of collaboration has grown from the Polish team through Piotr Kijewski to receive feeds about Kenya from the Polish CERT.

Current chapter members:
Paula Musuva - Kigen (Researcher/Lecturer in Forensic IT at United States International University)
William Makatiani (CEO, Serianu Limited
Iptisam Hassan
Christian Mike Kisutsa
Kevin Kimani
Carol Muchai

Projects we were involved in this year
1. Honeynet sensor setup:
We acquired a HoneEeybox sensor from The Honeynet Project and we have collecting feeds since setting it up in July 2013. We are yet to share the feeds with HPFriends and contribute to the global map. The sensor is running kippo, honeyd and dionea.

2. Tespok network monitoring
In August 2013 we launched an initiative with the Telecommunications Service Providers Association of Kenya (TESPOK) called Cyber Usalama Members of the Kenya Honeynet Project have been active in analyzing feeds and publishing reports on cyber threats facing Kenya.

Our Goals for 2014 are:
1. Sensor setup and deployment of more Honeynet tools
2. Better data sharing and visualization e.g. using HPFriends, Splunk
3. Botnet tracking and analysis e.g. using Buttinsky
4. Malware analysis e.g. using cuckoo and thug
5. Forensic Challenges for students and possible GSOC participation