Global Chapter Annual Report 2014


The Global Chapter has been dormant for several years and, in particular, last year due to the Chapter Lead taking an unscheduled sabbatical from the world. The idea was always to connect disparate researchers from all over the world who had common interests but no local chapter.

The current members are:

  • Arrigo Triulzi - current lead
  • William Salusky
  • Camilo Vieco
  • Dragos Ruiu
  • Earl Sammons
  • Ed Balas
  • Fyodor
  • Jed Haile
  • Jeff Nathan
  • Nico Fischbach
  • Patrick McCarthy
  • Chris Camacho
  • Mario Karuza
  • Jing Conan Wang
  • Dario Fernandes

It is a very diverse group covering many research interests and industries.


  • A simple ccCam honeypot to see if carders scan the Internet

Research and Development

  • Fyodor continues work on Nmap
  • Fyodor launched the Nmap Visualisation Project
  • Arrigo's laughable ccCam "carders" honeypot
  • Arrigo is still tinkering with his firmware honeypot using Bochs

Papers, Presentations and Community Engagements

Zilch reported to lead after call to action.


The Global Chapter lead would very much like to finally reactivate the group after so many silent years (too many...).

Misc activities



Sadly none to report.