Google Summer of Code 2013 Accepted Project Slots

On Monday May 27th Google officially announced the list of the lucky 1194 students accepted to participate in GSoC 2013. As repeating GSoC mentoring organisation, The Honeynet Project were very happy to once again be allocated 15 student slots, and our congratulations to those students who were accepted.

This page contains an index (sorted by the order the projects came out of Melange, not in any order of priority) to our accepted projects for GSoC 2013. Each link below will take you to the specific project page where you will eventually be able to find a project description, information on the student and mentor(s), links to blogs/source code management/supporting information and updates about the progress of the project during the course of GSoC.

  1. Improving Pwnypot
  2. Pwnypot management integration with Cuckoo
  3. Thug Honeyclient Distributed Task Queing
  4. Binary Debugger Backend
  5. Binary Debugger Frontend
  6. Network Analyzer (Gürcan GERÇEK)
  7. Network Analyzer (Hao Ma)
  8. Improving IMALSE
  9. Standard Variable and Type Inference Library
  10. Improving Afterglow
  11. Improving HPFeedsVisualization
  12. Improving Beeswarm Honeytokens
  13. Improving IPv6 Attack Detection
  14. Improving SHIVA Spampot
  15. Improving HoneyProxy

Next milestone: June 17th - Student coding officially begins. Until then, GSoC is in the Community Bonding Period, and students and mentors should be making initial contact, discussing the detail of their project, agreeing how they will work and communicate together, building personal relationships and becoming familiar with our tools, processes and community. For the org admins, it is all about setting up accounts, getting resources setup, establishing and verifying communication channels, and ensuring adequate discussing and planning for each GSoC 2013 project.