RoT-1 Chapter

RoT-1 Chapter - 2011 Status Report


The RoT-1 Chapter of the Honeynet Project was founded in November 2010. The members include:

  • Ryan Smith
  • Adam Pridgen
  • Daniel Herrera
  • Ralph Logan
  • Kirby Kuehl
  • Jed Haile
  • George Chamales

Areas of research conducted by the members:

  • Mobile Honeynets
  • Honeypot technology
  • Memory Forensics
  • Distributed Processing
  • Large-Scale Data Analysis


APKInspector BETA Release & Demo Video

As the deadline of GSOC has passed, I would like to announce the APKinspector Beta1.0. APKinspector is a tool to help Android application analysts and reverse engineers to analyze the compiled Android packages and their corresponding codes. You can review the Alpha version report and the page of this project to know more about it.

Click the picture below to watch a full demonstration video of APKInspector:

APKInspector Demo Video

Chinese viewers may view the demo at:

Based on the Alpha release, APKinspector has added some features as follows: Read more »

RoT-1 Chapter Status Report - 2011


RoT-1 (aka the Texas Honeynet Project) is a young chapter, we were just officially formed in January 2011. That said, our original founding members have been active members of The Honeynet Project since its inception in the late 1990’s, so we’re not as young as it may seem.

Our rough center of mass, and primary meeting point is Austin, TX, though we have members in Houston and a few new recruits from the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well. Read more »

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