Pacific Northwest Chapter


Created in November of 2009, the Chapter is conformed by highly motivated individuals focused on research of drive-by-downloads attacks and application of the deception theory on honeypot research. The Pacific Northwest Chapter is based in Seattle, Washington.

Members: Chiraag Aval, M.S.

    Areas of interest and research:
  • Web-based attacks
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Advancements in the Client Honeypot Technology

Chuck Costarella

    Areas of interest and research:
  • Integration of secure coding into computer science curriculum
  • Virtualization and secure cloud computing
  • Security protocols w/ Internet of Things
  • Hardening Honeynets against Honeypot-aware Botnets

David Dittrich

    Areas of interest and research:
  • Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
  • Digital Forensics
  • Active Response
  • Ethical Principles

Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, Ph.D.

    Areas of interest and research:
  • Deception: next generation honeypots, reverse-engineering malware
  • Forensic-ready networks: digital forensics records, NIST calibration project
  • Compliance Frameworks: enterprise-wide information systems security and compliance management, forensic-ready networks

Dennis Charles Grant

    Areas of interest and research:
  • Rapid threat recognition and response
  • Rootkit and zero-day exploit detection
  • Resilient technology infrastructure design
  • Risk reduction via enhanced authentication

Ashish Malviya

    Areas of interest and research:
  • Shell code analysis
  • Web based attacks
  • Honeypot technology
  • Enterprise Information Security and Risk Management

Julia Narvaez

    Areas of interest and research:
  • Drive by downloads attacks
  • Deception: study of the theory of deception to improve honeypot research, and development of a methodology to apply deception theory to empirical experiments.

Raymond Pompon

    Areas of interest and research:
  • Web application security
  • Honey tokens
  • Deception as part of a compliance framework

Lucas Reber

    Areas of interest and research:
  • Information visualization using map based metaphors
  • Community networking
  • Automated and adaptive infrastructure monitoring

Michael Schweiger

    Areas of interest and research:
  • Reverse engineering as it applies to malware discovery, identification, and classification
  • Research based around the ideas of automated techniques and tools to perform malware analysis using static and dynamic approaches
  • Application of machine learning and data mining (clustering/classification) techniques

Christian Seifert, Ph.D.

    Areas of interest and research:
  • Detection of malicious web pages that launch drive-by-download attacks with client honeypots
  • Web application attacks
  • Research techniques and trends used to conduct drive-by-downloads attacks.
  • Development of tools to improve the analysis of the results of high interaction client honeypots.
  • Formulate methodology incorporating the concepts of deception theory to improve detection of drive-by-downloads attacks.

Mike Simon

    Areas of interest and research:
  • Taxonomy and classification of malware and attack structure
  • Class hierarchy of high level attack behaviors
  • Generating research repositories for widespread distribution

Pacific Northwest Chapter Report for 2014

The Honeynet Project
2014 Annual Chapter Report
Pacific Northwest Chapter Read more »

Pacific Northwest Chapter Report for 2013

Pacific Northwest Chapter Status Report For 2013


Pacific Northwest Chapter Status Report For 2012

Our chapter has grown significantly since the 2011 Annual Report, with a majority of members having less than one year tenure. We have instituted regular face-to-face chapter dinner meetings to facilitate collaboration and on-boarding of new members. These will gradually increase in frequency (from every two months) to become a regularly scheduled monthly chapter meeting.
Chiraag Aval, M.S.
Chuck Costarella
David Dittrich - Transferred from Global Chapter.
Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, Ph.D.
Dennis Charles Grant - New Chapter Lead Read more »

Pacific Northwest Chapter Status Report for 2011


  • Christian Seifert, PhD - Full Member, Chief Executive/Financial Officer
  • Chiraag Aval
  • Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, PhD
  • Ashish Malviya
  • Julia Narvaez - Chapter Leader



2011 Honeynet Project Security Workshop - Paris

In 2011, we held our Honeynet Project Security Workshop in Paris, France, hosted by our friends ESIEA. This was the first time we opened up one day of our annual workshop to the public. Thanks to our excellent hosts and Julia Cheng from our Taiwan Chapter all went very smoothly and we had an excellent day.

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