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Welcome to the Chicago Chapter's website. Here you will find all the information about our Chapter and how you can get involved. To learn more, contact Lance Spitzner at [email protected]

Chicago Chapter Status Report For 2009 and 2010


  1. Changes in the structure of your organization.
    Lukas Rist joined the chapter end of 2009
  2. List current chapter members and their activities
    • Lance Spitzner, director
    • Paul Neff
    • Michael A. Davis
    • Jose Nazario, director and chairman of the board
    • Ryan McGeehan
    • Lukas Rist

GlastopfNG release

Before we are getting worse than Duke Nukem Forever, we decided to finally release the next generation of the web application honeypot Glastopf, aka GlastopfNG! Read more »

Glastopf Project: A Look Ahead

On January the 22nd I met Sven. Sven is a bachelor student at the Bern university of applied sciences and will write his thesis about Glastopf. During his work he will rewrite the current Glastopf unstable version, but when he will be finished the new version will have at least the same features like the previous version. The goals are: A much better modular structure, this means there is one core which directs every request to the modules. They store the data, emulating the vulnerability and compose the response which the core gives back to the attacker. There will be a much better classification of incoming attacks and the rules used for this will be totally detached from the source code to distribute them easily between different sensors. I will post some details as soon as we started the work. This also means that we will freeze the current unstable version to put all effort into the new version. Read more »

LEET09 Paper: PhoneyC: A Virtual Client Honeypot

Earlier this week I had the good fortune to be in Boston for LEET09, a workshop on exploits, malware, and large-scale trends. I presented on PhoneyC, the Python honeyclient I've been working on. The paper describes the architecture and features of the tool and a real world evaluation and test. The talk was well received, and many thanks to the organizers of the conference and the PC for their helpful reviews.
Usenix has made the full paper available to all for free. Read more »

Chicago Chapter Status Report For 2008

Read more »

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