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Introducing Acapulco: Building Clustered Parallel Coordinates Graphs from HPFeeds data

…and the summer is over. During the last three months I have tried to make sense of the highly unstructured data set that comes from merging the data streams of several hpfeeds channels. I have had to learn the inner workings of Splunk, their SDKs, the D3.js graphic library and explore different machine learning frameworks and clustering algorithms. Read more »

Beta Release of Imalse--Integrated MALware Simulator & Emulator!

As the GSOC approaches the end. I would like to publish a beta version of my project for Network Malware Simulation.

The name for the new open source software is Imalse, which is the acronym of Integrated MALware Simulator & Emulator

The website for the project is, in which you can get detailed description, instructions for installation and demos. Read more »

Capture HPC Client for Linux released!

I'm proud to announce the release of new Capture HPC client module.

The new version - 0.9 beta implements totally new system monitoring method. The old one - strace - was replaced by kernel module that intercepts some system calls to record events for later analysis. Read more »

VM image for Network Analyzer and installation howto

There is a vm image, that you can import the appliance and see the application at your own machine. You may download the ova file here:

To import the image, you will need VirtulBox installed. Read more »

First release from Network Analyzer project

Hi everyone, I am announcing an initial release of the Ovizart,
Network Analyzer Project
. Ovizart (OV - Open VİZual Analsis foR network Traffic ) is a web based application that will let users upload captured traffic in a PCAP format, analyze the traffic, and present the traffic in an intuitive manner. The current development branch is located on Github: Read more »

Want to Use Ghost in Your Own Setup?

This is a short introduction to one of the features that the upcoming Ghost 0.2 will offer. I expect to release the new version in late August or early September.

There is a command-line frontend for Ghost already that controls the honeypot's operation, but its capabilities are limited. In particular, the only way to get feedback from Ghost is to read the command-line output. That's only slightly inconvenient if you run the tool manually, but it's not at all suitable for automation, and it makes integrating Ghost into individual analysis setups unnecessarily complicated. Read more »

Forensic Challenge 12 – “Hiding in Plain Sight“

I am pleased to announce a new forensic challenge: Forensic Challenge 12 – “Hiding in Plain Sight“. The challenge has been provided by the Alaska Chapter under the leadership of Lucas McDaniel.

Submission deadline is Sep 9th and we will be announcing winners around the first week of October 2012.

Have fun!

Angelo Dell'Aera
The Honeynet Project

Forensic Challenge 11 - "Dive Into Exploit" - And the winners are...

Georg Wicherski has judged the two really cool submissions and results have been posted on the challenge page. The winners are:

1. Ruud Schramp
1.5. Carl Pulley Read more »

Quechua - beta version

Quechua beta version

Hello World!

All GSoC 2012 students, including those working for HoneyNet, started their projects a long time ago. Since “Midterm evaluation” has passed too, I would like to share some experience and code with you. Please keep in mind this is still a beta version and some things may change during the second part of coding period, however comments and tips will be helpful, as always :-) Read more »

Interesting Reads: Mon^H^H^HTuesday 24th July

Good morning folks

My apologies for the delay on this one. It appears the the wily coyote has passed on his tricks to my Internet connection and as such I've been offline for a fairly large portion of time. No matter....onward to the readables !!


An in-depth code analysis of mssecmgr.ocx from the ESET folks is here.

Read more »

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